Beyond Bermuda

Beyond Bermuda is an adventure survival game. The main character is shipwrecked and finds herself on a deserted island on an alien planet. She'll have to brave the strange terrors and sail through the islands in order to return home.

This is my current project, working on a team of 11, as the lead designer. I've created levels, concept art, and UI art assets.

Top row: "Vignettes" of biomes, textures

Left: alien trees growing in arches

Right: alien monster concept

Right: A more in-depth piece of a developed concept for a biome. Colors are extremely important to Beyond Bermuda, as they express play context to the player when they enter a new biome. Biomes are categorized by play facilitated rather than by the nature of the environment.

This is an example of a "forest" which has an abundance of basic resources and prey animals, and predators that are not particularly aggressive compared to those found in other biomes.

Left and bottom: These are both levels that I have made. The game is procedurally generated but each island is individually made and pulled from an array.

Above: Weathered book for the UI

Right: UI Meters

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